Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Audacity: Love Can’t Stay Silent

50 minutes / 2015
Rating: 8/10

I used to think the main flaw with Christian movies is that so many of them are simply sermons disguised as dramas. But I’ve recently realized that the problem with these dramas wasn’t that they were sermons but rather that they were bad sermons… and paired with bad acting and worse writing.

In Audacity Executive Producer Ray Comfort has done something different. This is still a message movie – it’s for Christians, about why we need to, and how we can, spread the Gospel to homosexuals – but it's one in which pretty good writing and pretty good acting have been paired with an absolutely fantastic sermon. The end result is something every Christian needs to see.

The story begins in a typical office setting. When attractive Diana aggressively challenges bike messenger Peter to defend his biblical beliefs about gay marriage he heads to the Internet to do research. How can he present the truth winsomely?

Fortunately Peter finds YouTube videos from street evangelist Ray Comfort in which homosexuals are interviewed and challenged, and yet seem to appreciate the exchange. How does Comfort pull it off? By focusing on what we all – heterosexual and homosexual – have in common: our sinful tendency towards sexual lust.

Just that quick, Comfort shows that the tendencies we are born with can’t be our guide to what is right or wrong. His is also an inclusive approach. He doesn’t approach homosexuals as someone above or better than them, but rather as someone in a similar situation, also in need of a Savior. And he explains that because he believes the Bible to be true, if he loves his homosexual neighbors then he has to speak up.

In total Comfort’s witnessing videos only amount to about 15 minutes in this 50-minute production, but they are the crux around which the whole film revolves. In the dramatic sections we get to see how “everyman” Peter ends up putting into practice what he has learned. It’s believable enough that most viewers will be able to imagine themselves in Peter’s shoes and learn right along with him what it means to speak the truth in love. We can’t stay silent. We need to share what Jesus has done for us, and what he can do for homosexuals too.

To learn how to do it well, consider gathering a few friends together to watch and discuss Audacity. It’s available for free viewing online at www.audacitymovie.com (and the DVD can be had for $5 there) or you can click on the video above.

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