This is still a work in progress, with about 80 short reviews up so far with the goal of eventually having the one hundred best movies for conservatives on it (the 80 that are already there will not all make the cut). I created the blog, in part to help me complete The Reel Conservative website.

Really Good Comics
The very best conservative Christian cartoons, and you can use them in your publication for only $10 US.

Really Good Reads
This is a site run by me and my brothers that does for books what this site does for movies - we review only the very best books we read. So far we have more than 80 reviews.

Reformed Perspective
This is the magazine I edit, and it too has book reviews, and features some of the best articles to appear in the magazine.


Common Sense Media
This is not Christian, and not all that conservative. But it does provide a good amount of information. So it is useful, though not something to depend on. For example, it doesn't seem to note instances of God's Name being taken in vain in its language advisory.