Friday, May 1, 2015

Rescued: the heart of adoption and caring for orphans

62 min / 2012
RATING: 7/10

There is something a little unsettling about watching a documentary that passionately encourages adoption.  RC Sproul Jr. and Kevin Swanson, two of the many folks interviewed, readily assure watchers that not everyone is called to adopt. But then they go on to note how care for orphans is a godly act, an act that pastors should encourage off the pulpit, and an act the Church is currently not giving enough attention to. There are so many children who need parents, that it’s hard to watch and not wonder, “Are we just being selfish deciding not to adopt?” 

And, of course, that’s the very point: we’re not all called to adopt, but maybe a lot more of us are called to adopt than we think and we just haven’t thought through it all that carefully or prayerfully. These folks want us to think it through again…or for the first time. 

At just one hour this is a very “shareable” adoption resource, easy to pass on to friends and family whether they are interested in adopting a child, or whether they've never thought about it before. It is attractive, with good interviewees – including some notable Reformed names, like Sproul Jr. – and has a solid Christian perspective.

So buy it, share it, and talk about it. 

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