Monday, August 1, 2011

God’s technology

47 minutes, 2010
Rating: 7 out of 10

This DVD was recently shown to our Sunday night Bible-study group, and it received a very positive response. The speaker, Dr. David Murray is a former Free Church of Scotland pastor, and presently the professor of Old Testament at the Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan. That means he has a great lilting Scottish accent which is quite fun to hear.

His presentation tackles how Christians in general (but there is a lot of help for parents in particular) should respond to the “Digital Revolution.” With how fast advancements are being made, it’s hard to keep up. As Dr. Murray notes,

“The personal computer and Internet has changed the way we and our children study, play, socialize, shop, learn and even apply for jobs And this is not just about computer and laptops; this is about cell phones iPods, iPads… games consoles too.”

So how should Christians respond to the Digital Revolution? Dr. Murray presents 4 relevant biblical principles and follows up with a 7-step training program that is useful for all Christians, but will be of particular interest to parents – this is just the sort of instruction many of us have been asking for! The training program shows how Christians can evaluate and respond to almost any new technology, but Dr. Murray takes it one step further and gives a demonstration of this training in action – he concludes by applying these 7 steps to Facebook.

This is highly recommended for church libraries, and study groups, and might also be a resource schools would want to order, to circulate among their parents. It is in some ways simply a speech, but with a whole bunch of bells and whistles – Dr. Murray is onscreen about half the time, usually against a brilliant white background that has a space-age-ish feel to it, and the other half of the screen time is devoted to relevant pictures, or to illustrations of his talking points. So a speech, yes, but a highly polished, professionally produced speech. To take a look at the trailer, or download a free study guide go to