Friday, January 13, 2012

100 movie suggestions in the store now!

I've just added more than 100 movie suggestions in the store (see the link at the top of this page). These are all well-done films, the best of the best. In addition, none of them take God's name in vain.

We can all differ to some degree on what makes a film good, and what makes a film bad (how much violence is too much, for example), but there is no reason at all to take God's name in vain. And yet most films do. So I wanted to create a resource that had fantastic films - the point of this site is to share the very best! - that did not take God's name in vain. I should note that in some of these films you may hear words like "gosh" - substitutes for God's name. While I am not a fan of these types of substitutes, the truth is, they are not God's name, and need not be held in the reverence His Name demands.

So check out the store, and if you see anything you like, you can support this site by buying it through this store. Thanks!

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